After washing the face at night, apply toner and emulsion right before going to bed.
– Dispense an appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameter) and apply on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin in dots; breathe in the scent for 3 seconds.
– Spread gently along the texture of your face using outward strokes.
– After the product is absorbed into skin, leave it on overnight without washing the face. (Wash the face the next morning.)
Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige is an overnight mask that gives the skin a lively, well-rested appearance the next morning thanks to its Sleep-tox purifying effect and its – Aromatic Sleep scent that helps you relax while you sleep.

Skin purifying effect: Sleep tox technology purifies skin during sleep, keeping it in optimum condition.

Skin moisturizing: Moisture wrap helps skin retain moisture throughout the night.

Skin soothing: contains skin-soothing agents that are gentle on sleeping skin, helping it recover overnight.


– An overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask – Quickly absorbs while you sleep to deeply hydrate skin – Formulated with highly concentrated Hydro Ionized Mineral Water – Delivers intense doses of moisture to stressed and parched skin – Infused with orange flower, rose, and sandalwood; relaxes and comforts


Formulated without:

– Parabens – Phthalates


What else you need to know:

– This product is dermatologist tested. The brand does not test ingredients or products on animals.

Laneige water sleeping mask -15 ml