• A dual functional product: Whitening + Anti-wrinkle, with 890,000ppm of Snail Truecica™ which consists of Black Snail Extract and Truecica™.

• Helps for skin regeneration to repair skin damage with Black Snail Extract. Soothes skin and reinforces skin barrier with Truecica™.

• Removes blemishes and scar with a non-sticky finish. Free of 20 harmful ingredients. Passes skin irritation test.

• How to Use: After toner, apply a proper amount(3-4 drops) on the face and pat for better absorption and gently massage to spread over face.

• Origin: Made in South Korea

• Volume: 50 ml

• Ingredients: Natural Protein, Elastin, Collagen, Glycolic Acid, Sage Extracts, Willow Black Extract, Allantoin, Black Snail Mucin and Truecica

Somebymi snail truecica miracle repair serum -50ml